The JLP must assert itself – Tufton

Dr Christopher Tufton

DEPUTY LEADER of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Dr Christopher Tufton on Sunday said the JLP must place its full attention at providing leadership for a country that is facing increasing uncertainties and potential crisis.

Speaking on Sunday at the annual general meeting of Area Council Four, held in Troy, South Trelawny, Tufton told party workers that now that the election of officers was over at the party central and area council levels, it was time to get down to work.

“Jamaicans don’t feel safe and secure in their country and it’s not just about crime, but also about their jobs, businesses, health care, education, access to water and other public utilities. Fifty years after Independence, the public tendency is to blame all political parties and politicians for what we have become.

“This is an indictment on the leadership of the country and the JLP must assert itself and show that it is united and can provide leadership in these times of challenges. We cannot and should not allow the PNP (People’s National Party) to fail, but Jamaicans perceive no alternative in the JLP,” Tufton told the delegates.

He noted that all Labourites must be given an opportunity to contribute to the development and building of their party and country, and no Labourite should be seen as having more rights than any other.

“We must never allow the Opposition or anybody else to brand or put Labourites in cliques or groups as this is a divide-and-conquer strategy that will make the party weak and unable to provide solutions to the country,” said Dr Tufton.

He added: “Labourites should reject any attempts to brand them as brown and black Labouite, uptown and downtown Labourite, young and old Labourite, never left and left and return Labourite, just come and old-time Labourite, PNP or NDM Labourite.

“In the name of Bustamante and his belief in equal rights and justice, all Labourites must be equal and given an opportunity to serve their party, community and country! And let’s not be like George Orwell’s book Animal Farm where all Labourites are equal, but some are more equal then others.”

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